Our Mission Statement

Nowadays we have a transport fleet whit units like: stake bed trucks, (3.5 tons) trucks, 5th wheel trailers and units ( 9 tons) "rabón" Truck type and trailers 53 feets for national, international and borderline service with G.P.S. tracking system , allowing us to offer to our clients a service with:
7.Guarantee and Fastness in your merchandise transfer
Our objective is to know our client's needs and satisfy them, to offer you a modern transportation equipment with recent model units, likewise to design solutions that cover the transportation requirements, to achieve it we have trained and experienced staff in federal public service field specialized in hazardous and waste materials (Haz-Mat).

Is to be known as the best service on handling hazardous and waste materials (Haz-Mat) and urgent delivery freight (Hot-Shot) that guarantee satisfaction in the operations of our clients.
Is to be the leader in specialized transportation of “Haz-Mat” and “Hot-Shot” , bringing service solutions to our clients, generating confidence in our people to fulfill established goals.

Quality Policy.
In Transportes Jomije S.A. de C.V. we are committed to fulfill our customer's expectations, working under a schema in a continuous way, with a constant capacitation and development of our personnel that guarantee the results, and with harmony with the environment.

Security Policy.
Transportes Jomije S.A. de C.V. is an enterprise dedicated to freight transportation service with specialty of hazardous and waste materials (Haz-Mat) guaranteeing to our customers a safe and reliable transfer of their merchandise, whereby we are committed to keep and better the practices in the process of Security in the Supplies Chain, implementing international security standards based in C-TPAT and OEA, with the main goal of prevent the company to be used for illicit activities that affect said Supplies Chain.